About Us

Vedic Heritage; Inc. was founded in 1979 by Her Holiness Sri Sri Guru Maa Jyotishanand Saraswati {Guru Maa}. She is the spiritual leader of Vedic Heritage in India and the USA. Guru Maa received her doctorate in Jyotishshastra (Indology) under the able guidance of H. H. Late Acharya Viswanath Dev Sarma from Calcutta. In 1985, Her Holiness took sanyas from H. H. M. M. Late Swami Sri Ved Vyasanandji Maharaj of Geeta Ashram, Rishikesh. In 1986, She was honored with the title Maha Mandaleshwar by Niranjani Akhada. She was invited to become the first woman ever to hold the title of Parvatyacharya, by Yoga Dham.

In 1978, She went to New York. In 1984, a 2.75-acre property was purchased in Hempstead, New York. The property has been converted into a large Ashram. The Mandir of Sri Hanuman is the central focus of the ashram. A large Shiv Shakti Mandir has also been built on the same premises. She expanded the organization throughout USA by establishing centers in Austin (TX), Scottsdale (AZ), Minnetonka (MN), Flagstaff (AZ), Nashville (TN), and a few others.

Vedic Heritage’s mission statement remains the same more than two decades since its inception: To question and defeat the dark forces of ignorance and to lessen the waste of human energy in this age of moral and spiritual impoverishment. Her Holiness uses a prescription of yoga, meditation, Indian classical music, Jyotishastra, tapa-sadhana and discourses on the value of mankind. All this is an effort to lead a more productive and meaningful life.

To thousands of devotees, Vedic Heritage has been successful in promoting the Vedic values that are essential in universal living: love, virtue, integrity, courage, vigor and self-discipline. Faith and acceptance of these universal aspects in all philosophies has further advanced the course of the foundation. The goal is to provide programs geared toward enhancing mental, cultural and physical growth based on Vedic principals.

Her Holiness has introduced Her devotees to many ambitious plans for the 21st century. Foremost amongst them is the Lonavala Project.

Vedic Heritage has acquired 35 acres of fertile land on the hill of Lohagarh in Lonavala. The work has begun, Nav Grahas have been installed. Basic infrastructure is being laid down. This appears to be a 300 crore rupee projection. She has plans to establish a spiritual playground for the seekers.

Furthermore, in memory of Her Divine Guru, Vedic Heritage established the Acharya Viswanath Dev Sarma Art Foundation. The mission is to provide worldwide exposure to Indian classical music prodigies under the age of 25.

Guru Maa has authored the Hanumat Puran. The substantial religious doctrine was inspired by the need to generate greater love in this world through the examples and path of Lord Sri Hanuman.

These are a few of the milestones amongst many that Guru Maa continues to spearhead under the auspicious flag of Vedic Heritage. There is no getting around the fact that we need a tremendous amount of support to bring her dream to realization. All of you are essential ingredients in this project.